Social Media on watch

Facebook. The number one social media, used to be able to denounce hate and bias on the site, not no more, if you do confront it, in any form that is not suitable to there community you get banned on placing comments to racist people, that is not freedom of speech that is hate and bias by it’s community , so when the owner of Facebook say’s he hates racism, he is a liar, he passes the buck to his community to do his dirty work, I call that a liar, so if you want truly freedom of speech looks like you have to have your own website with no community I find this part of facebook interesting ,but not surprised , he can have facebook with out a community at all much better but he chooses to have one like neighborhood if they do not like you or your position on your post they can ban you at that is what is happening with both of these sites more so on neighborhood because it is smaller and there community is more racist based in my opinion what does that show to you about the facebook community and neighborhood. A Power trip that they can ban anyone they do not like, I said I condone racism and hate and I have confronted that issue and got banned for it because the community did not like my stand, or the way I confronted hate..well we got freedom of speech just not on sites like these, we have to have our own websites with no community

My family pictures

Helli , i have a website, it is called will be selling some of my pictures of land scapes. and some of my own art work that I have created but mostly it will be from my picture collections of places i have been.The most recent onevwill be portraits of New York like the Art Museum and some fancy buildings including 9-11 .I will sell these pictures in different sizes and some eill be with frames and matted others will be sold just as a picture so take a look at my site it is still developing but if you see something you like contact me Thanks Diane